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As many of you may have heard, there was a HUGE terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway, followed by a killing spree that could total 98 deaths, mostly teenagers. Words can't really express how absolutely terrible this is. It's even hard to think of the pain that these families are going through.

In my(somewhat pathetic) attempt at paying my respects to the victims of this tragedy, I'd been working on a little composition. I only wish there were more I could do.

On a bit of a happier note, I've done another cover.

I will upload both in just a few minutes.


2011-06-27 16:36:06 by Electric-Blizzard

I quit. Not enough time between college and my own music, and teaching piano.

In other news, I have a new song I'm working on, possibly done by the end of this month

Guitar: I still suck.

Piano: New song soon!

Band: We found ourselves a bassist! and are Officially a band. We're still working on a name, but I've written 3 songs along with Derek!

We'll most likely release our stuff on here, and maybe on Facebook, but we want it all to be free. We'll use my NG account, but don't worry, I'll clearly mark each song as mine specifically or the band's as a whole.

Expect Us.


2011-06-09 23:45:39 by Electric-Blizzard

I actually wrote something(and played) that actually sounds good! I'll probably work some more on it, and fine tune it, but I've really picked up guitar work. Best yet! My friend is letting me use his studio to record! And the stuff he's got in there is top notch!

Band news~ We've found a drummer, now all we're lacking is a bassist, and possibly another guitarist! We're coming along so nicely!

Anyway, moral. Expect new music from me soon, on guitar!

A Guitar

2011-05-26 19:25:16 by Electric-Blizzard

I picked one up at a pawn shop. I should learn how to play this... lawl.

Pretty cool huh!

Oh yeah I decided on joining that guy's band. We haven't came up with a name yet, or even found all the members yet, but yeah.

A Guitar

A band?

2011-05-23 22:16:58 by Electric-Blizzard

So, I was in a musical play recently, and a friend told me that he thought I was good at singing. He later asked if I've ever had any experience in a band. Well, back in high school, I was in fact in a punk band. So I showed him some of the songs I've written, and some of the music I've made on here. Anyway, he asked if I would want to join up with him and get a band together, since his previous one broke up. It's pretty cool, he's a really good guitarist, and he has a cool recording studio.

I wasn't sure, what with school and stuff, so I told him I'd think on it and get him an answer the next time I see him, on Thursday. What he's planning is a punk band, or so he told me. He's met with no other musicians, but him and I both know some people. If we did this, we'd probably release here on Newgrounds, though if it's through this account I don't know. We might just make a separate account. The thing I worry about is my actual devotion to music. I love the piano, this electronic music thing is working out, and I'm confident singing, but I'm going to college to be a writer. To top it all off, I do some programming on the side, as well as art! I just feel like I'm pushing my efforts in way to many directions.

I'll figure it out. Maybe a little angsty music is just what I need. After all, I'm never going to be this young again...


2011-05-09 18:52:47 by Electric-Blizzard

My latest song is a slightly late mothers day gift! I love you mom!

So, I've been feeling a little less stressed recently, and I've started work on something new. Can't say when it will be done, but I am making a lot of progress. I keep changing things though. In related news, been playing a bunch of minecraft recently, and I have a very interesting map that is inspiring me (Seed: Elfen Lied), and from what I have, and what I have planned, it should be very relaxing.

In unrelated news, I'm single again : | but you probably don't care about that stuff

New project.

2011-04-15 18:58:03 by Electric-Blizzard

In my spare time, I've started working on a new project: two new songs! One will be electronic, the other a piano piece. I haven't thought of names for either.

The piano one will probably finish first, and they should both be out by the end of the month.

: )